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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cell Phone Union

I was texting someone yesterday and wondered something: If this person and I had no cell phone to text with, would I have called this person at home, or just passed on this information whenever I next saw them?
I can't figure out if all this new communication is bringing us together or creating distances that can only be bridged by our electronic appartus. Basically, are we talking to people more or less now? What constitutes talking? I have said numerous times after only communicating with someone by e-mail or text that I "talked" to them. Was I lying? Exaggerating? Can anyone even say?
I feel like I see people less now, but is that just the result of growing up after being conditioned to be in situations where I was surrounded by peers (grade-school, junior-high, high-school, heck even college)? I work in an office and generally spend most of the time staring at a computer. Most people in the modern world do some variation of this.
Did ancient man feel this sort of alienation after horseback riding overtook on foot as the prime mode of transportation? "Man, I used to talk to Grog all the time, but now all I do is ride this horse."
I don't know. I seriously doubt anyone cares about my existential crises anyway. I'm not even sure if I care.

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