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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Finding Sleep

The first few nights of having baby Fox at home were rough. To say that the little sleep his parents got was erratic would be putting it lightly. After a scattered hour here or there, on the second night I had a pretty rough sleep paralysis event, which isn't really good for anyone in the house.
Thankfully, after the second night, things brightened up. While at points we have a good routine down (one night Fox slept nine hours over three back to back sessions in which mommy and daddy also got beautiful sleep), mostly we are just learning to sleep when we get the chance. Rather, our bodies are teaching us that, as we just keep seeming to find ourselves finding appropriate moments to doze off, thank God.
Perhaps the only thing about this that freaks me out is that next week when I go back to work, this will be impossible. I won't be able to sleep from seven to eleven am because I have to be at work at eight. Please pray that somehow that works out.

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