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Monday, February 08, 2010

From Hell

From Hell by Alan Moore (with art by Eddie Campbell)
572 p Top Shelf Production Publishing

Alan Moore takes the holistic approach in his dissection of the Jack the Ripper murders, From Hell. While Moore's assertion that Jack the Ripper gave birth to the 20th Century is tenuous at best, he does an excellent job painting a vivid portrait of Victorian Era England. Though the recent hipster movement to proclaim it as Moore's best work is hypnotic, in truth From Hell does not eclipse the heights of Moore's more well-known Watchmen, or even the less heavily hyped V for Vendetta. It is, however, his most readable work, despite the intensely gruesome subject matter, cut by cut artwork, and laughable conspiracy theories. The 572 pages are deeply felt, but flip as if turned by the wind.

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