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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Quick Note to Music Websites with Hipster Tendencies

Dear quasi-hipster English majors who now write about music as if you are masters on that subject instead of the one you actually graduated in, cannot play a kazoo at gunpoint, and think one distorted bass note played ad naseum underneath off-kilter singing of the same note being pounded into the ground by the bass is complex,
Please stop refering to music videos by the word "clip". A clip is only a piece of something. A music video puts visuals to the music of an entire song. If you are only showing part of a music video, would you say, "This is a clip of a clip?"
Also, please don't refer to danceable songs as "bangers." You are not from Jamaica and you are also probably closer in heritage to the suburbs of the world than the ghettos, so write words that wouldn't make you sound like an idiot if they were actually coming out of your mouth.
Pitchfork and AV Club, I am looking at you (but maybe I'm also winking at you, AV Club).

On the same note, does anyone know of any websites where I can read thoughtful analysis of recent TV show episodes and not have to wade through the reviewer overanalyzing, overpoliticizing, and uncooling the content of said episodes? Do I have to start reviewing the things I want to see reviews of myself?


Charlie said...

Nice. Stephanie says "concert" instead of "show". I corrected her once about 2 years ago and told her that it is called a "show". She didn't understand and at the same time I realized how ridiculous it was to even make that so called "correction" because what's the difference anyway?

I guess when I got to college I learned that a show could be anywhere(house, bar, in front of cafe chi alpha) and a concert is in a stadium or large venue. But in definition, Concert is far more correct when referring to the viewing of a musical band. Why is it called a show then? Hipster culture is strange and unfortunately affects us all.

Nicholas said...

I think "show" is a regional term as opposed to a hipster term. For instance, MxPx's "Punk Rawk Show" is fifteen years old. I think they say show as opposed to concert on the West Coast. Also, Mawmaw and Pawpaw Joe called everything a show, so maybe it is a Deep South term as well? Then again, Mom says concert. Who knows?