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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Why the Music Industry is Failing

No one listens to music anymore.
That isn't true, but it doesn't really seem like music is quite important to an average person's day-to-day life. Of course I am awesome and not average, so I listen to music all the time, but not everyone does, and far less people do now than in the past. Am I blowing smoke? Take these elements of everyday life:
1. The Car-When I get in the car, I usually listen to a CD, or the radio (Zune gets some time in as well). I don't like to talk on the phone in the car. While I am head-banging and rocking-out, sometimes I look at the car next to me to see if they can tell how awesome I am. Most of the people I look at don't notice me because they are talking on their cell phones. I am willing to guess that the majority of these phone calls hold no social importance and only exist for the purpose of killing time. I listen to my music to transcend my paltry concrete surroundings because I am better than everyone else.
2. At Home-I love throwing on, I mean gently placing a VINYL RECORD onto my VINYL RECORD PLAYER because I am remarkably well-rounded and incredible. I am also a Renaissance Man and play music at home through all other formats, and my whole family jams to the sweet sounds of my superior music selections. Most people don't listen to music at home anymore. If I am home alone at night, I will turn off the lights and throw a record on and imagine I am in a more enlightened time as imperfections in the vinyl hiss and pop. Most people left alone at night either fall asleep Facebook stalking or play Scrabble on their cell phones.
3. Cell Phones-Actually, maybe this post should be called: SMART PHONES DESTROY MUSIC, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY DUMBING DOWN AND DISTRACTING THE HUMAN RACE TO THE POINT OF DESTRUCTION! AHHH!!! Seriously everyone looks like a damn ostrich, except, instead of burying their heads in the sand, they are burying their heads into their cell phones. Notice I don't say "we" here because I am too much of a spectacular example of humanity to be counted in this number. Of course, some ostriches do listen to and value music, but other ostriches only listen to music in apathetic, disengaged passivity on their cell phone while they are testing out an "app" that allows them to prepare virtual grilled-cheese sandwiches.
So, here is my world-changing conclusion: Downloading is not killing the music industry. If anything, downloading is one of the few things keeping interest in music afloat. Other forms of distraction are killing the music industry. That is fine by me because the collective lessening of the masses only heightens the status of my greatness. Fin.


laurenthevampireslayer said...

i only listen to music when someone calls me and i hear their personalized ring tone....

Charlie said...

my friend at work tries to talk me into getting an i-phone. He's told me exactly how around 20 times. I like my phone that doesn't connect to the internet. But I do miss the 504 boys

buck09 said...

I feel and act the same exact way. I drive a lot in the summer time with work and 20 minute commutes to the office everyday and the music is of prime importance to me while I drive. I put over 35,000 miles on my truck this last year and I find piece when I drive knowing that it's "my" time and the music is loud. I hate when a phone call on my bluetooth wireless system in my truck interrupts my music listening.

When I'm alone at home or basically when my wife isn't home the TV is off and the music is on. I agree also, that music is just not very important to the average person. I don't hang out with very many people that are as into music as I am with the exception of my brothers, which are basically my only living friends that I get to share all my music glory with. Maybe that's one reason I have become so obsessed with online blogs like yours and other website focusing on music where I can interact with other music enthusiasts.
I have been told by some friends to start my own blog about music I like and listen to, which I am considering, especially after reading this blog. Getting back to the music, I also agree that the digital revolution is not killing the industry at all. I am a strong supporter of downloading music, which basically gets the material out there. If its good enough people will come to shows and support through merchandise or whatever. Its a wicked industry that I'm glad I am not relying on for a source of income.
As far as cell phones go, I have mine loaded with over 2,000 songs I change up regularly and listen with headphones at the gym or a quick escape at home if there is nothing better going on. So I don't think that cell phones themselves are destroying music, or maybe I misinterpreted what you meant. I guess you mean people are more into their apps and games/social media on their phones than into listening to the music capabilities the smart phones possess. Because as a listening devise they are basically an ipod capable of pumping out tunes.

Nicholas said...

Yeah, I just meant people are more apt to play scrabble on their phone, or send out pointless texts, or surf Facebook than listen to music. It is awesome that phones are becoming fully functional MP3 players, but I am still gonna stick with my Go Phone for the time being. I've already dropped it 30 or 40 times this week. Also, it took a lot out of me just to get a regular MP3 player, but that is because I am weird.
You should definitely start a music blog. It is so easy. All you need is a decent lunch break! For some people, it's tough to stay consistent, myself included (there are years I haven't blogged), but having these reviews be the focus has definitely made that easier.
Go for it, man!

buck09 said...

Well I got up and running, more like crawling with the blog thing:

How do you post the songs I've seen on some of your posts, other than the youtube videos, the divshare videos? I guess I could probably figure it out but I like that way of posting music.

Nicholas said...

Awesome, Bucky! A Divshare account is free at for a certain amount of space, but in all my posts, I haven't even hit 10% of the maximum yet. Once you set it up, you just need to upload .MP3 versions of the songs from your computer to your account, and use the embed code they give you to post them in html mode. Sounds crazy, but it's really easy.
Good luck, man! That's really exciting!

Nicholas said...

Checked out the blog and tried to comment, but it wouldn't let me (sad face).

buck09 said...

Thanks Nick, I'm sure I can figure it out. I like the idea of uploading my own mp3. That way I dont have to rely on somebody else who has posted a youtube video of the song. Maybe I need to check my security or something on my blog. Literally set it up this morning when I got to work in like 5 minutes.

buck09 said...

Hey, Nick I tried the Divshare thing and it worked like a charm. That is a pretty sweet deal. I could have used that a long time ago and 20 gb is a lot of free space. I got my blog started also. Thanks for your help.

Nicholas said...

No problem!
Psyched to see it rolling!