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Saturday, December 11, 2010

It is Really Something to be Alive Pt. 2

Crystal had to work today, so Fox, one year old, and I, twenty-eight years old, had to fend for ourselves. We only really get this one day together a week, since by the time I get home everyday from work he is almost ready for bed.
First we ran by the Post Office and then Sweet Wishes Cupcakes* to pick up some free ones Crystal had won. After this we went to Highland Road Park, and I carried Fox around.
Highland Road Park is mostly composed of trees and hills. It really isn't an Urban park. The wind was blowing really hard and Fox and I tried to duplicate its noise with our mouths, but it kept dissolving into laughter. We marched down a big hill and made staccato marching noises, crossed a stream**, and came upon a huge dirt pile. Of course when I see something tall I have to climb it, so up we went, much to Fox's delight. By the way, I forgot to mention that my book-loving son had been clutching Baby Beluga to his chest this whole time. As we reached the top of the pile, I held Fox up in the air, and his sweet baby mullet whipped around in the wind. Eventually we reached the tennis courts and gym at the back of the park. We peeked into the gym and watched some high school kids play basketball for a minute. I miss the sweet smell of sweat, rubber, and adrenaline, and the steady sound of the ball hitting the tile. I got a quick nostalgic shot of that anxiety I used to feel during opening tip-off, looking around, realizing that the kids in opposite colored jersey's were about to become my rivals for an hour. I hope Fox plays when he's old enough. We then walked through the tennis courts and witnessed hundreds of people sweating in the Louisiana December sun with no cellphones or computers***.
Fox and I took the long way back to the parking lot. The west park bridge was covered in police tape. Some kids, obviously celebrating the spirit of the outdoors by mistakenly taking the bridge for bonfire lumber, had burnt the bridge away****. Fox nestled his sleepy head into my neck, pressed baby beluga deep into my chest, and made smiley gurgling noises. He is clearly too cute for his own good.
Then we went home and I fed him his lunch while sneaking cupcakes while he wasn't looking. Yeah, don't think I'm mean, he is getting one after dinner. Just because I eat five pounds of cupcakes doesn't mean I'm a monster.
*You just gained five pounds from reading that sentence.
**I'm lying, it's a man made drainage ditch. But hey, when you are surrounded by trees and grass and can somehow sublimate all the cigarette butts and coke cans into clean earth, it's a stream.
***I'm actually typing this up on a typewriter.
****I'm sure this is what happened. Either that or Facebook maliciously burnt it away in a gambit to further keep people indoors.


Anonymous said...

"Just because I eat five pounds of cupcakes doesn't mean I'm a monster."



laurenthevampireslayer said...

Fox is clearly too cute,not only for his good but everyone's good. He is a perfect Biscuit.

Nicholas said...

Thanks, peeps!