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Saturday, February 12, 2011


This morning, my wife went to her Saturday job, and I stayed home with our child. I popped on the band Skillet's first album, which I haven't listened to in quite some time. My son and I were playing with some blocks when he looked up at me and said, "Jeess!" I was confused for a second, then I realized what happened.
One afternoon, my wife dropped our son off at my office because she had to help somebody out. On the way home, he kept telling me, "Jeess! Jeess!"
"No," I told him. "Geese. Remember at the zoo? Honk, honk!"
He just looked back at me with sadness and confusion.
He kept telling me this again and again throughout the night, and I kept responding the same way. He seemed really bummed by the time I put him to bed. When my wife got home, we talked about our day.
"You know that toddler Bible I bought (our son)?" she asked me.
"I was reading to him about Jesus today, and he started saying 'Jeess! Jeess!' After that, he kept trying to follow me around with it, and saying 'Jeess, Jeess!,' but he started crying because it was too big for him to carry. It was so cute. What did you do today?"
"Be the worst dad ever..."
Anyway, flash forward back to this morning. I was about to correct him again, but then I remembered not only what he was saying (I mean, I've been reading that Bible to him for a month now myself, you think I would learn), but that we were listening to that old Skillet album. The song playing was "Safe With You." It is a great song, though it sounds nothing like current Skillet. That's not a dig on current Skillet--they've just gone through an inconceivable amount of aural permutations in the last two decades and rarely sound similar on any album.
You can give the song a listen below (though the photo on this video does not represent the lineup that composed and performed it).

The last refrain is "Jesus, Jesus, I'm safe with you." That was the line my fifteen-month old was quoting from this fifteen-year old song (Jeez...this song is half my age...scary).
Nice. I like this story.

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crystal said...

teehee! you're a great dad, despite the fact that you told him, "no, geese!" :oP