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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Riding the Divine Wave

Sometimes I feel like Towelie got it right: I have no idea what is going on. Sometimes, though, everything makes sense. Man, clarity is nice. I'm feeling that right now. I sometimes wonder if it's possible to feel that all the time. When I started this blog I hoped family members and friends would read it to see opinions I felt I could only express in text. Then I realized if I couldn't say stuff out loud that I would say here, I was a coward. Then once I started getting thousands of hits a month, I felt some strange, global, huge feeling and forgot that anyone I see in person would actually read this. Then I stopped caring completely. Then I quit blogging. 'THEN' COUNT = FOUR I've been back at it for more than two years now (and shoot, I've been married for more than four--now more than half the time this blog has existed!). I almost hit 1000 readers last month, which was pretty exciting and made me feel justified in jettisoning the more personal aspects of The Nicsperiment, at least for now. That said, my wife and a bunch of my relatives took some kind of challenge to write a blog everyday, and they are pumping out all this really personal stuff and having all these deep conversations with each other. I think this is great, and also the opposite all of that Facebook stuff I used to rant about before I finally got out of that time-wasting, electronic hellhole. I haven't regretted that once, by the way. Anyway, I think it's great that they are getting to know each other better and stuff, but I don't feel like I can make myself that vulnerable anymore for some reason. Maybe it is because I am a man now, and men don't do that? Still, in the spirit of what they are doing, here are a bunch of random semi-personal thoughts:
1. I know I have been doing a bunch of music reviews lately that at once increases my global readership (though not nearly as much as 2005) and alienates people who might know me, but also might not care at all about any of the stuff I'm reviewing. That said, here is a personal thought about music: actually, it's just an excuse to use another colon: I think I am a pretty objective listener. I can usually tell if something is decent or not, despite personal tastes. That said (this entry is really just an excuse to use colons and type 'that said'), there are certain aspects and atmospheres music can find that especially please my ears. I've previously mentioned that I used to get high off steam in the bathroom when I was a kid. ADVICE TO KIDS: Don't do that. Anyway, any music that captures that feeling for me usually gets bonus points. Like this: (COLON!!!) These kids probably weren't even born when I was maxing out the heater and running the hot water, but they sure did a nice job! DON'T DO DRUGS, KIDS!!!
2. I feel like I just wanted to link to this video under the pretense of posting information about myself. That said, the feeling I like to recapture is comparable to walking through a desert in a humming haze under a blue midday sky sprinkled with a few clouds on the way to a green oasis. Maybe that is why I like the Joshua Tree so much or something.
3. I acted like I was going to post thoughts, but I'm still just talking about music. I wonder what that says about me.
4. I still can't believe I have been married for the last four years. That said, that was one of the best decisions of my life. Lately, I've been reading President George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points. I didn't want to put a comma after 'Lately' just now, but I felt pressure. Anyway, it's probably ironic that I'm reading this considering I lambasted the guy so much in 2005 (and got a huge following because of it). I'm starting to see that making snap judgments about people in power is maybe not the best thing to do. That said, as likable as the guy is, he still did a lot of stuff I didn't like, but I would still hang out with him, and I like how he says in his book that marrying his wife was the best decision he ever made. Every year I am starting to feel a little more like that, though if I said, "George, don't you think asking Jesus into your heart was really the best decision?" he would say, "Yeah, Nicky, that's a given. I just thought everyone would assume that. But you know what they say about assuming?" "Yes, George, I do. And I agree."
5. I'm tired, bye.
6. I think ending a post with "I'm tired, bye," is about as retro as this blog can get. That said, colon.


crystal said...

thanks, babe. marrying you was one of the best decisions i've made make me a better woman. :)

also, thanks for teaching me how to post videos on here and for posting this one in good.

Nicholas said...

Well, thank you, Babe!