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Monday, August 01, 2011

Ambulance LTD -- LP

There is something to be said for sounding pleasant. The drums on Ambulance LTD's LP sound pleasant. The guitars, bass, and vocals sound pleasant. Unfortunately, 52-minutes of pleasant is just enough to make me go nuts. It works well for quite a while, though. I don't think there is one bad track on this album. Any one could be used in a commercial or film--indeed a decent amount of these tracks have been. I originally bought this album because I saw Ambulance LTD on a late night talk-show performing "Heavy Lifting" and was suitably impressed. Here it is with some girl paining or something.

I was pretty pumped after hearing the first couple of tracks, but the rhythms of the album started slowly chipping away at my nerves until I had to turn it off. I don't know what it is about it exactly, and I hate being so imprecise. I think the production, pacing, and sequencing just make the whole thing too tedious. It's like eating a nice bite of lavender-honey ice cream, then having to eat 12 pints immediately after.

2004 TVT Records
1. Yoga Means Union 4:54
2. Primitive (The Way I Treat You) 3:58
3. Anecdote 3:16
4. Heavy Lifting 3:32
5. Ophelia 3:38
6. Stay Where You Are 5:54
7. Sugar Pill 4:39
8. Michigan 4:30
9. Stay Tuned 3:16
10. Swim 4:22
11. Young Urban 4:21
12. The Ocean 5:24

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