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Monday, November 14, 2011

Björk -- Telegram


I won't mince words here: re-mix albums are usually pretty pointless. Björk's Telegram doesn't do much to reverse this sentiment. A bunch of really good songs, all from Post sans one, get mugged by generic techno music, or lightly touched up to the point that their inclusion is useless. The one new track, "My Spine" was left off of Post for a reason: it is terrible. There is one reason and one reason alone to have anything to do with this release, and that is the new version of Post's best track, "Hyperballad." This is the version I used to listen to on loop in high school until five a.m. For some reason, my hair always looked really good the next day.
Björk re-recorded her vocals for this track and handed them over to the experimental Brodsky (string) Quartet. The result is a primarily electronic song being transformed into nothing more than strings and Björk's wonderful vocals, and it's one of the best songs Bjork ever put to tape.

Check it out, and forget about the rest of this (except maybe the trippy version of "You've Been Flirting Again," which is pretty decent) unless you are really, really interested in the deconstruction of a song, in which case you might find more to dig into here.

1997 Elektra
1. PossiPossibly Maybe [Lucy Mix] 3:03
2. Hyper-Ballad 4:21
3. Enjoy [Further Over The Edge mix] 4:21
4. My Spine 2:33
5. I Miss You [Dobie Rub Part One-Sunshine mix] 5:35
6. Isobel [Deodato mix] 6:11
7. You've Been Flirting Again [Flirt Is A Promise mix] 3:20
8. Cover Me [Dillinja mix] 6:22
9. Army of Me [Masseymix] 5:18
10. Headphones 6:17
11. I Miss You [Original mix] 3:59

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