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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Way to the Fourth Decade Pt.2

* A series of observations as my 20's end *

One of the lamest things that has happened in the last few years?
The process of getting sick.
When you are young, you run around outside (well, not you kids today, you are probably inside playing Angry Parrots on your IPass) all day, and all of a sudden when you go inside for dinner you start coughing, and your nose starts running, and then you don't sleep well, and you are sick the next day, and your mom takes care of you, and you are fine tomorrow.
Here is what getting sick is like right before you hit your fourth decade:
My kid is sick again. Uh-oh. I hope I can get some sleep.
Have to get in for work early tomorrow now. Less sleep. Dang.
Kid isn't sleeping because he is sick. No sleep for me at all and have to work a long early day. Great.
There's that old feeling in my throat again. The one I can see a mile off, like a marauding army on a hillside miles away. Great, I'm going to get sick.
Three days later: Now my throat really feels bad. Here we go.
That night: Don't sleep well.
The next day: Feel bad. This is when you tell your wife, "I am getting sick."
The next day: Feel even worse. Have optimism that you have a 24-hour bug, even though it took almost a week to develop.
The next day: Near death. There is no way you could have possibly felt this bad when you were a kid. How would you still be alive?
The next day: Things take a downturn.
The next day: Plateau.
The next day: Starting to feel a little better. "Little" is a tiny increment.
Three days later: You aren't "well," but you can function fine.
Three days later: Your kid is sick again. Here we go.
Of course because you are an adult in 2011, you couldn't afford to take off from work for more than a day or two. So you have been working the whole time.
You are old.

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