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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caedmon's Call -- 40 Acres


In a way, 40 Acres is Caedmon's Call's previous album with more of a pop sheen and a little tinge of country. It definitely has less grit than its predecessor. Then again, the songwriting is still remarkably strong, maybe even more so, and the utilization of the three vocalists is still a great asset. These factors make 40 Acres an enjoyable album, though the gloss and polish make it a little harder to love than the self-titled one. Then again again, 40 Acres features their best song by far, which also happens to be the title track. It's a lovely harmonied song that makes you feel like as long as you are alive, things can always get better, no matter where you are--even after you start sentences with the phrase "Then again again."

1999 Essential Records
1.There You Go 3:20
2.  Thankful 4:20
3.  Shifting Sand 3:49
4.  Faith My Eyes 4:41
5.  Where I Began 3:42
6.  Table for Two 3:34
7.  Climb On (A Back That's Strong) 3:51
8.  Petrified Heart 4:41
9.  Somewhere North 5:31
10.  Daring Daylight Escape 3:39
11.  40 Acres 3:35


Neal said...

Ah, Caedmon's Call. They were getting big in groups of people I knew during my college years. One thing I generally appreciated in their first two albums was that they lyrics were fairly mature and not... stereotypically Christian, is what I guess I'm going for. They mention Greek myths and other supposedly "unChristian" things in their songs, which makes them deeper and farther reaching than a lot of Christan bands I was hearing at the time. Basically, they were getting close to the ideas I was forming at the time of what a Christian artist should be.

For one reason or another, I actually like 40 Acres more than their self-titled album. The lyrics and songs connected more with me (though this might also be because a bunch of people I knew really liked "Bus Driver," and over-played it around me).

I actually lucked out and Caedmon's played at my college my... junior or senior year. They were a lot of fun, and I actually recall the percussion for some of the songs being metal trash cans! It all worked well and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

I think I've pretty much fallen off of the Caedmon's Call bandwagon. I eventually did get Long Line of Leavers because it had enough songs on it that I really liked to make buying the whole album off of iTunes make more sense (back when I was still using iTunes, heh).

Nicholas said...

Yes, I remember Sisyphus references among others that definitely made them stand apart. Even some of their biblical references were a bit obscure. I bet only a minority of other Christians know about the "woman whose body was torn for the twelve tribes." Stuff like that definitely made me appreciate the band.
I'm glad you got to see them at their peak. I never did, but a cousin of mine told me it was a really fun show.
What music provider are you using now?

Neal said...

The one that provides shiny discs for physical storage. I think they're called CDs, or something. They look like really little records! :p

It may be weird for some, but I actually prefer getting physical media for movies, music, and books. Books are kind of in another reasoning territory (I prefer holding them to some computer or e-reader), but they do overlap in my issues with computer program compatibility fading, support for programs fading, etc. For instance, Apple is cutting updates and support for the iPods we own (and they still work, though their batteries don't really last). I still have PC games that no longer work because the software is no longer supported, etc.

I suppose we've also been getting records lately, and new releases there often have a digital copy as well, which is nice. We don't buy that much music anymore, so when we do, we've enjoyed getting the music on a record as well. Both things give us (hopefully) more options to actually keep owning the music for our lifetime.

As for live shows, I've kind of lucked out with a lot of bands. I saw Jars of Clay before they were big, opening for Michael W. Smith (not sure why I spent money to go to a concert for him, but I did). It was awesome. I had people tell me later that Jars of Clay wasn't really a good concert band, but they were great that night. You really can rock out with acoustic guitars, believe it or not.

Had the same thing happen with Jennifer Knapp. I have heard she wasn't much good in concert, but she was good in her own way. Just her and a guitar, singing well and making fun of herself in the interludes.

Nicholas said...

Ha! You know I'm in the same boat with you. Physical media all the way. MP3's and Kindle Books have no smell. I usually take this tact, but when my 2nd MP3 player broke, I went hardline. CD's and records only unless it's something I can only get digital, and then I burn it. When you said "when I was still using iTunes" I thought you meant you had moved on to some future plain of music listening existence.
Also saw Jars of Clay and thought the show was really good. In fact, my old metalhead roommate was with me, and after they did "World's Apart" he turned to me, nodded, and said "Yep."