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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey, STFU, Hollywood and Yahoo

I like Julia Louis-Dreyfus as an actress as much as anyone--she's hilarious and she's aging well. But this video is just a reminder of how hypocritically stupid Hollywood can be. When asked who Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, should select as a running mate, Louis-Dreyfus says, "One of his Cadillacs."

I don't really care about Mitt Romney, but celebrities with seventeen houses probably shouldn't attack politicians for being rich. I seriously doubt that Louis-Dreyfus drives a Sentra, the designated, affordable Nicsperiment method of transportation. She should probably not throw rocks from her mansion(s).
Then again, Yahoo (free e-mail notwithstanding) sucks for highlighting articles like this as their top news stories of the day.
Yahoo clearly has an agenda.  When Romney battled Santorum, Yahoo sure found some nice things to say about Romney, and some disparaging remarks to say about his adversary.  Since the moment it was clear Romney would be the man to face Obama, we get at least one lead story like this from Yahoo a day.  Yesterday it was this Louis-Dreyfus piece, today it's Roseanne Barr claiming that Romney's stay-at-home wife didn't really raise their five children on her own.
Seriously, this stuff isn't news, it's just moronic, issue-pushing bullshit from some of the least qualified to talk people on the planet.  These people are about six inches from pushing me past my, "I'm not going to vote for any of these sociopaths" position to, "I am going to vote for whomever about the media publishes the most disparaging fluff pieces."  To quote the most intelligent mind the world has never seen:


Neal said...

I really hate how over the top Fox News is, but there are trends you can see with this in media that do reveal how much they like certain candidates... which is too bad, because it gives at least some truth to a common talking point/approach they have.

Besides celebrities, I do have to find it amusing when most politicians accuse or hint at another politician being rich/having lots of money. They make a decent amount for what they do, and anyone running for president in my lifetime hasn't been hurting for cash.

Nicholas said...

Yeah, it's like Yahoo and these other news conglomerates are just validating Fox News' hysteria. They all suck.
I agree on the second point, as well. I have been reading recent presidential autobiographies, and they are all cracking me up near the ends when they fret about financially supporting themselves when they leave office. Who are they kidding? Clinton goes on about it for three or four pages when (in the previous 1000 pages) he has already let slip that he had four or five homes at that point. It's just ridiculous!

Neal said...

It's kind of like the current Wall Street execs and bank executives talking about how tough it is right now. By "tough," they mean they have a harder time paying for their child's elite education in private schools, paying for their huge houses, etc.

There is something to the line "it's all relative" when discussing how how hard humans find the situation they are in. But that is also why we are supposed to find perspective on our situation, rather than only looking at our own, small, view. Politicians and presidents worrying about that is valid to an extent (they need to live and do something after their time in elected office), but it's also ridiculous to really worry about how well they can support themselves. They have significantly more options (and should have more savings) than the average American does if their job doesn't continue.

Bobbye Land Hudspeth said...

I'm sick of the whole mess. I am disenchanted with BOTH "sides" for not being able to find common ground. Yes, Julia L-D comment was stoopid. But, we see Tom Cruise's mom boo hooing because people didn't like it when she publicly called the POTUS "a baby killer." It's both sides that are the problem. And until the name calling stops...well anyone who considers the USA the "greatest" is just a big old do-do-head. *sigh*