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Friday, April 27, 2012

This Friday Just Got Even More Awesome

Walking a marathon does not permit blogging, but hey, that was yesterday, and today I just found out some great news for TV/Sci-Fi Nerds. Remember Firefly? Well, this post isn't about Firefly, but remember it?
A good show that quickly built up a rabid fan-base, then got canned by the FOX network?
And then millions of angry nerds essentially got FOX-executive voodoo dolls and burned them?
Well, thank you, Firefly, for teaching FOX a lesson. Somehow FOX has let the Sci-Fi program Fringe stay on the air for the last four years. There has been serious talk about the show getting cancelled this year because FOX is losing money on it. How much of a miracle is it then that instead of cancelling Fringe immediately, Firefly-style, FOX just struck a deal for a fifth and final season. This has got to re-build some goodwill in Sci-fi fans' hearts toward the network that gave us nine years of the best show that ever aired.
Thanks, FOX!!!

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