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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Star Wars: Dark Times -- Out of the Wilderness # 4

For the fourth part of his fourth Dark Times Arc, writer, Randy Stradley, amps up the tension.  Nothing huge happens in terms of story, outside of a metaphorical rope wrapping around the proceedings and unceasingly tightening around the characters.  Dialogue is as crackling good as always, and Douglas Wheatley's artwork continues to have to be seen to be believed.  Wheatley's framing is so fresh, and yet so archetypally ancient, one can't help but feel like they are gazing upon a piece of history.  Dan Jackson's coloring brings Wheatley's work to incredible life--every page pops.  Dark Times continues to be not only the best piece of media Star Wars currently offers, but one of, if not the best comic on the market.

Buy it for $2.69!
Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date:February 22, 2012
Format:FC, 32 pages
UPC:7 61568 18817 2 00411

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