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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Dingees -- Armageddon Massive


The Dingees' Armageddon Massive is a fun and highly enjoyable melting pot of punk and reggae splashed with touches of ska and dub. Despite the fact that there are more bands today than ever, you just don't hear this sort of music anymore. Thank goodness this debut isn't The Dingees only album. The band's trademark rebel against the evil powers-vibe is already fully formed and in high gear off the bat, lending Armageddon Massive an energy and flow that is irresistible. So while much of the Dingees' work does have a sunny, California feeling, a more sinister thread often runs underneath. I am particularly partial to the darker tones of "Could Be Worse," and its heavy bass, trippy horns and keys.

1998 BEC Recordings
1. Ghetto Box Smash 2:50
2. Chaos/Control 2:40
3. Bullet Proof 2:47
4. Could Be Worse 3:55
5. Workin' Man's Blues 2:46
6. Rebel Youth 3:22
7. Betrayal 2:59
8. Dead Man 3:37
9. Carry on With the Countdown 3:15
10. Another Burnin' City 1:29
11. Escape to L.A. 8:15

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