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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Eisley - Combinations


From the first few seconds of Combinations' opener, "Many Funerals," it is clear Eisley have grown up. Every following track confirms their songwriting has ascended to a new level. True to the album title, these ten songs display everything Eisley can do. Straight up rockers combine with wistful, more stripped down tracks, and whimsical, full-blown beauties. Combinations contains a laid-back energy and elegance lending a classic feeling to every song. On top of that, the DuPree sisters' vocals sound stronger than ever, the band tighter, and the production the best it's ever been. Combinations' only real flaw is also in the title. These songs don't really flow together too well. The parts are greater than the sum. The tracks could be re-arranged a dozen ways to the same effect. Perhaps the band realized this and labelled the album accordingly. Regardless, Eisley's growth and talent is easily apparent.

2007 Warner Bros.
1. Many Funerals 2:51
2. Invasion 3:36
3. Taking Control 3:03
4. Go Away 3:04
5. I Could Be There for You 3:35
6. Come Clean 3:33
7. Ten Cent Blues 3:59
8. A Sight to Behold 3:15
9. Combinations 3:34
10. If You're Wondering 3:55

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