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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elliott -- Photorecording


After listening to Photorecording for the first time, there was one thing I wanted to ask Elliott:
"Really, you're breaking up now?!"
Elliott selected a stack of older songs for Photorecording and re-recorded them into something entirely new. The production values are higher. The instrumentation is more varied and clever. The already great song-writing is enhanced. The already powerful emotions are more powerful. The already beautiful is more beautiful. Usually, I complain that Elliott's albums are a little too much to take in one sitting, but Photorecording somehow amps it up so high that things come back around to the point that listening to the album from start to finish is essential. Elliott will be, and are missed.

NOTE: This album also comes with a DVD of Elliott's final show, hence the title Photorecording.

2005 Revelation Records
1 Away We Drift 5:13
2 Drive Onto Me 4:24
3 Dionysus Burning 5:05
4 Blessed by Your Own Ghost 7:11
5 Calm Americans 4:53
6 Shallow Like Your Breath 6:09
7 Drag Like Pull 4:32
8 Bleed in Breathe Out 4:32
9 Drive 5:46
10 Believe 4:35
11 Carry On 4:15
12 This Program Is Not Responding 7:36
13 Leona 2:48
14 Intro to False Cathedrals 3:43

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