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Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Iron Frenzy -- Proof that the Youth Are Revolting


Just as high energy and goofy as you'd expect a Five Iron Frenzy live album to be, but they nail most of the serious parts, too. Ska always worked more in a live setting than a recorded one. I can't prove that's true, but everybody else says definitive statements they can't back up objectively, so why can't I? Anyway, the band shows of their humility (I'm not trying to be ironic, I just don't know how else to start that sentence) by including seven minutes of live screw-ups edited out of the album. Beside hilarity, this final chunk of Proof that the Youth Are Revolting also offers further connection to Five Iron fans, deepening the bonds that would cement the band as a cult phenomenon that simply will not die.

1999 Five Minute Walk/Warner Bros. Records
1. Introduction 0:54
2. One Girl Army 3:38
3. Oh, Canada 3:02
4. A Flowery Song 4:10
5. Handbook For the Sellout 4:05
6. Receive Him 0:20
7. All That Is Good 3:21
8. Dandelions 3:20
9. Suckerpunch 4:04
10. It's Not Unusual 2:12
11. Anthem 3:27
12. New Hope 3:45
13. Arnold, Willis & Mr. Drummond 2:30
14. Ugly Day 4:39
15. Where Zero Meets 15 4:48
16. Superpowers 3:46
17. Blue Comb '78 4:02
18. Every New Day (Includes seven minutes of outtakes and bloopers after several minutes of silence) 15:35

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