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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sigh. It's Time for Five Iron Frenzy.

Five Iron Frenzy relates to the general public in three ways.
1. The Non-Fan. Either this person has not heard Five Iron Frenzy's music, or has heard it and doesn't particularly care for it.
2. The Five Iron Frenzy Fan. Enjoys and owns most of Five Iron Frenzy's albums. Has possibly seen the band live a couple of times. Might have a Five Iron Frenzy shirt, and might have even spoken to a band member at the band's merch booth. I fall into this category.
3. The Five Iron Frenzy Community Member (the die-hard fan). Has all of Five Iron Frenzy's albums and knows the words to every song. Has seen the band live more than they can count on one hand and skanked at every show. Did not leave after any of the shows were over. Can look at the above picture, point out each person by first and last name, and tell a personal anecdote about each person. Has possibly created Five Iron Frenzy artwork, and also possibly has shown or sent that artwork to the band. Has possibly sent Reese Roper a blue comb in the mail. Has a favorite member of the band who is not Reese Roper. Gave more to the band's recent kickstarter than they spent on food that week (seriously, the giving average for that record-setting kickstarter was $55 a person!). Would follow Five Iron Frenzy around the country like the McRib if given the opportunity.
For some reason, Five Iron Frenzy has attracted a following unusual to most bands. They never sold incredible amounts of records, but in the eight years between their breakup and reunion, none of Five Iron Frenzy's die-hard fans lost enthusiasm for the band. This is despite the fact that Five Iron Frenzy predominately played music in one of the most fleetingly popular genres of the 20th Century. For some reason, these fans have an unnaturally deep connection to the band, and if you see them, you should not attempt to make conversation, but should contact the authorities immediately. Just kidding, some of my best friends are members of category three, and while I'm not coming at these reviews from that perspective, I am looking forward to these next eight days of FIFmania...spread across like three weeks. Sorry, y'all, school started, and I'm working like three jobs
Let the games begin! a couple of days, maybe.


Neal said...

I could... name some of the members in that picture, and I'm certainly not the real fan in our fam. :p

Have fun with the reviews and make sure to get them right! Otherwise someone might give you a lecture (and I might as well). So no pressure or anything, heh.

Good luck with the school and job stuff at the same time, that's kicking in for me as well. Good times.

Nicholas said...

Haha! Yes, I hope Jess is nice!