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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fleet Foxes -- Fleet Foxes


I mentioned how much nostalgia of an incredibly happy life period colored my opinion of Fleet Foxes debut EP, Sun Giant. But something else warms my opinion of that EP even more: brevity. Like pretty much every acoustic throwback band, Fleet Foxes has a thing, a shtick if you will, and all that they can do is that shtick. While they do their thing well, and create lovely harmonies together, it is really just one thing. It's tough to ride that thing for eleven tracks.
There are some really good ones on Fleet Foxes' self-titled album, but as a whole, I can't listen to this without getting a little antsy. After getting acquainted to the band's sound over the first few tracks, I want something else to happen. Spoiler alert: nothing else ever happens. There's little urgency throughout Fleet Foxes, which might be fine for some people. If you enjoy the sound of a burbling brook for forty minutes, this is most definitely your album. As someone who needs a little more excitement, or at least some rapids in my music, there is still something to like here. A culling together of "Sun It Rises," "White Winter Hymnal," "Ragged Wood," "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song," "Your Protector," and "Blue Ridge Mountains" would make for a very evocative, transportive EP. I'd enjoy that EP as much as I do Sun Giant. As it stands, those songs are only half of a full length that puts me to sleep.

2008 Bella Union/Sub Pop
1. Sun It Rises 3:14
2. White Winter Hymnal 2:27
3. Ragged Wood 5:07
4. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song 3:28
5. Quiet Houses 3:32
6. He Doesn't Know Why 3:20
7. Heard Them Stirring 3:02
8. Your Protector 4:09
9. Meadowlarks 3:11
10. Blue Ridge Mountains 4:25
11. Oliver James 3:23


Charlie said...

Agreed, I have this one..aaand only this one. Which, I like to listen to it once a year or so..but wow it's to much.

Nicholas said...

Back when we were living at Parc Fontaine, Crystal asked me to get it for her, so I went to the Compact Disc store. They had a combo pack of this and Sun Giant on Vinyl with both CD's included for $10, which is why I ended up with them. Once a year sounds about right.