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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorry, Fleetwood Mac/Thank You, Fleetwood Mac

So, I have the majority of Fleetwood Mac's albums, and only on vinyl...which is too bad, because at this point in life, I can't just sit in my living room and studiously listen to and review their entire catalogue. Instead, I'll just mention this: A lot of couples have "songs." You know, some cheesy, sappy anthem of love the girl probably likes way more than the guy does. My wife and I do not have a song like that. Instead we have this.

Six years and counting. Go big or go home.


Jessica said...

Ha! Neal and I don't have "a song" either, but strangely enough (as you just mentioned it a few reviews ago) the song that we walked out to after we said our vows and became a married couple? "Ugly Day" by FIF. ;~) We have songs we identify with for different memory and/or emotional reasons, but nothing that we hear and go "that's ours!"

Nicholas said...

Haha, Neal told me that. Was anyone like, "Who's Christi, Neal? Huh?"
This Fleetwood Mac song is pretty much the only song where we look at each other and point, but we do have plenty of ones like what you describe in your final sentence. Well, hopefully not your final sentence ever, but your final sentence in that paragraph up there.