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Monday, April 08, 2013

So Much For F

 photo circus-woman-with-a-monkey-on-roller-skates_zpsba482347.jpeg
Well that's it, "F" is done. I said it would be weird, and it was weird. "G" should be nearly as strange, and even more sporadically updated, but at some speed, it will...probably happen. I enjoyed listening to all the "F" releases that have been on the fringe of my music collection, and then being reminded of why. Enjoyed because I got to prove my own instincts correct against my own tastes, or some other confusing self-absorbed thing like that that doesn't have to do with anything that's ever gonna mean anything.
I don't know, here's a picture of someone milking a donkey.
 photo images_zps04dea9df.jpg

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