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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hanson -- The Walk

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My wife gave me the first shock early in our relationship.
"I have to tell you," she said, "that I'm kind of obsessed with Hanson."
My skin prickled. "Like how obsessed?" I asked.
Like most guys who came of age (went through our teens) in the 90's, my first experience with Hanson was that "MMMBop" video, and the thought that there is no way at least one of these people isn't a girl.
My wife and I made a deal. She would watch U2's Rattle and Hum film with me, and I would watch...Hanson: Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere.
I gathered two positives from Hanson's documentary:
1. Unlike boy bands, the Hanson brothers actually play their own instruments and write their own songs.
2. These little tow-headed terrors work their tails off.
With at least that much respect in mind, I braced for the release of 2007's The Walk, knowing that I was in for hearing it at least 1000 times.
Something cool happened, though. In all those years of touring and playing, the Hanson brothers got really good at their instruments and even better at songwriting. Also, at some point they did some volunteer work in Africa and got really serious. They even recorded with some kids in an African village for key points in the album, like on opening track, "Great Divide."

Of course, for the most part you still have your usual lightweight Hanson songs about life, and love, and all that stuff, but they're given a little extra weight by the patches of songs about social justice. Also, remember the tiniest little Hanson brother, the one who sounded like a chipmunk? He has a wife and kids now, as do his brothers, and he writes songs like this.

Yes, I'm as shocked as anyone that Hanson does not suck and is actually a talented trio of writers and musicians. It's kind of weird. The Walk is a good album. It's a little too long, but that's never a huge negative in my book.
So see what happens when you get married, kids? You don't think Hanson sucks anymore. Who's Hanson, you ask? Shut up, kids, and get off my lawn!

2007 3CG Records
1. Intro (Ngi Ne Themba) 0:24
2. Great Divide 3:59
3. Been There Before 3:32
4. Georgia 3:47
5. Watch Over Me 4:54
6. Running Man 3:41
7. Go 4:04
8. Fire On The Mountain 2:42
9 One More 4:10
10. Blue Sky 3:37
11. Tearing It Down 3:04
12. Something Going Round 3:12
13. Your Illusion 5:00
14. The Walk 5:03

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