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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sh%t Southern Women Say

These are as hilarious as they are accurate--meaning they are mostly hilarious and mostly accurate. My favorite is twenty-seven seconds into the third one, when the lady in the LSU sweatshirt says, "Why would she get married during football season?" My sister got married during the LSU-Bama game, and we had to plug in a big-screen behind the ceremony. A cousin of mine learned her lesson from this and planned her wedding on an open date. That way, there weren't pictures of me and everyone else in the background making overly excited or exasperated faces, looking off at an unseen object.

And who does make instant grits? SICK.


Neal (the viking) said...

A fair amount of these aren't endemic to you crazy southerners, but there is something hilariously fun about hearing these with a feminine southern accent. :p

Nicholas said...

The juxtaposition of "I love Obama/I hate Obama" is a good example of something you'd hear anywhere that is especially perfect here.