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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Nicsperiment Changes Its Song. Also, The Nicsperiment Hates the expression, "Changes Its Song."

I have run out of room. My CD shelf is crammed far past overloaded, and my car looks like an FYE bargain bin. I literally have nowhere left to put new, physical copies of music. This means, if I am going to continue to purchase music, I have to pretty much disregard that four years ago, I wrote this. Lame.
Life is conspiring against me. I have had no time to write any reviews over the past few weeks. I don't see much time opening in the future. I don't think I'll discount The Nicsperiment's future again, though. I did that once, and that was stupid. I'm still going to blog and I'm still going to review stuff. I already have thirty reviews completed and saved as drafts. In recent years, I've had enough time to stockpile them. Though my course load will only be increasing over the next three years, I intend to keep the "Every Album I Own" series alive. I can't leave it uncompleted. My drafts ended in the middle of John Williams'oeuvre, and I really want to throw my Chemistry textbook on the floor and get to them. At some point, I will. I'll probably start leaking out more reviews over the next few weeks, too. Also, I registered some new blogger domains to do some classic video game reviews because I don't feel like I am alive unless I am biting off more than I can chew. I'll get it all down someday, though. Also, I'll still bunny-trail. All that to get back to my original topic.
I have a personal rule that if I stream a band's album at least four times, I owe it to them to purchase it. Otherwise, I feel like a thief. I have really been enjoying Bear's Noumenon over the last few weeks. It is a really aggressive album, and in a year where I've probably skewed far softer in my musical tastes than usual, I could really use something heavy. I could just buy the MP3 album off Amazon for $8.99
 photo a1775697237_2_zpsf89d8801.jpg
BUT LOOK AT THAT ARTWORK! It looks so cool! I want to actually hold it in my hands. Holding my monitor just feels weird, and the heat it gives off makes me feel like my hand is going to grow extra fingers. I want a physical copy of this. After shipping, though, a physical copy costs almost twice as much as the MP3. If I buy it, where will I put it? This is far less important than, how am I going to parent my child correctly, how will I make sure my wife knows that she is loved, how will my family get its next meal, how will we keep a roof over our head, how will I pass my next Physics test, and what kind of life do I really want to live, but IT'S STILL BUGGING ME!!!

ADDENDUM: I have made my decision. After viewing the full packaging for this, I have no choice. I must buy a physical copy. Three days til payday. I'll hang it from the ceiling or something.

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