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Friday, December 06, 2013

Jars of Clay -- Inland

 photo Jars_of_Clay_Inland_zpsd8c161f0.jpg

They don't believe in oceans; you, you were a sailor
who burned your ship and walked on, far away you walked on;
you keep turning inland, where no man is an island-
it's where you're supposed to be.

You keep heading inland, where no man is an island -
come on home to me.

Afraid of your convictions, they said the land will change you;
steady your confession, your course make no corrections.
When you are a stranger, hold your tongue and wager
that love will set you free...
until it sets you free.

You keep walking inland, where no man is an island - come on home to me

Jars of Clay keep moving forward, while any of their peers who have managed to somehow stay standing lumber about like zombies. Jars' commitment to progression against sedentation continues to pay off transcendentally. They keep moving inland. Their competition is sunburned and stuck on the beach.
It's time for you to listen to Jars of Clay.

2013 Gray Matters
1. After the Fight 4:32
2. Age of Immature Mistakes 3:53
3. Reckless Forgiver 3:52
4. Human Race 3:57
5. Love in Hard Times 4:31
6. Pennsylvania 4:33
7. Loneliness & Alcohol 4:45
8. I Don't Want You to Forget 3:49
9. Fall Asleep 4:41
10. Skin & Bones 3:52
11. Left Undone 3:58
12. Inland 4:13

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