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Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Nicsperiment: Episode VI: Return of the Content

As anyone can see, the first two months of this year (2014) have been the Nicsperiment's least prolific in over three years. The reason is simple: Chemical Engineering is a demanding degree to acquire, especially for someone in their 30's who has to pay his family's rent, and with a child at home who says "daddy, I'm still hungry" alllllllll day. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for (almost) everything, but that everything has really been cutting into my writing time. Instead of embarking on my fourth straight hour of Physics homework, I'd much rather write a music review. Miraculously, I've written three over the last two weeks, and I still have twenty or so unpublished ones stored up from last year, so I'm thinking...
Might as well publish them. I'll do three a week, starting Monday, and just add whatever else I write as I go along. Silly to hoard them. Almost as silly as this picture of a buck-toothed llama I stole from someone else's website.
 photo 69496852Fy9TiIaC_zps758e5e98.jpg

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