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Monday, June 02, 2014

When You Are In the Zone

Let me preface this: It's a bit unfortunate that I recently reviewed the work of two of the most musically talented men of the past century. I don't want to seem like I just throw out 10's on a whim. Granted, I am reviewing my own collection, and thus, mostly stuff I at least like a little bit, but the letter "J" is going to feature more 10's than any other letter by far.
With that said, I am about to review three albums by three consecutive alphabetically chronological artists "10"'s. Three "10"'s in a row. Please forgive all the gushing. The three different men who recorded them were all, for a short while, in a place most people would call "the zone." When a musician is in the zone, they can do no wrong. If they hit a bum note, it sounds better than the right one. When they write a song in a genre they shouldn't be anywhere near, it sounds incredible. Everything this artist does while in "the zone" is golden, and whatever music they make at the time is something they could never duplicate before or after. That is not to say he or she will never be in "the zone" again.
Over the course of the next three reviews: three artists I think were in the zone.
No quotations on "the zone" that time because it would have made this post even more obnoxious.

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