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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Karnivool -- Asymmetry

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Through the first four tracks of Asymmetry, experimental rock band, Karnivool, sound like they have kicked off a masterpiece. The stretch of "Aum" through "We Are" is powerful enough to give the impression that even a genre standard like Dredg's El Cielo is about to be surpassed. Unfortunately, several songs later (after the stunning "Aeons"), the band fall into a rut, and Ian Kenny's philosphical lyrical meanderings grow tiresome. That's too bad, as the atypical drum rhythms, fuzzed-out buzzsaw guitars and bass, and soaring vocals really hit the spot before they wear out their welcome. Even when they do, the album isn't necessarily bad, just not nearly as good as it could have been.

That paragraph felt a little too general. I guess what I am saying is that tracks one through six would be the EP of the year. The rest of Asymmetry is kind of like a surprising trick being repeating and repeated to diminishing returns. Karnivool need to attempt to keep the momentum going for the full album next time. (Maybe the fact that the fourteen-track, hour-long album climaxes with the fourth track ties into the title?)

2013 Density Records/Sony
1. Aum 2:22
2. Nachash 4:50
3. A.M. War 5:18
4. We Are 5:55
5. The Refusal 4:54
6. Aeons 7:18
7. Asymmetry 2:36
8. Eidolon 3:45
9. Sky Machine 7:49
10. Amusia 0:54
11. The Last Few 5:15
12. Float 4:17
13. Alpha Omega 7:57
14. Om 3:51

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