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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kent -- Verkligen

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Kent's Verkligen is everything a sophomore album should be. The songs are better written and more diverse than the ones found on the Swedish alternative band's self-titled debut (I don't know what "alternative" actually means, but it seems a fitting label for Kent). The band is able to stretch their legs on some really enjoyable longer songs (one cracks the six minute mark, and album centerpiece, "En Timme En Minut," cracks eight), which would become a calling card for Kent on the next few albums. Kent isn't afraid to slow things down a bit at times now, either, and these darker, sadder songs give Verkligen a much better emotional flow than its predecessor. Thus, the sunnier songs have a greater impact. It is emotion that negates the language barrier from here on out in the Kent catalogue. Joy, happiness, sadness, heartbreak, isolation, depression, jubilation--these are universal feelings. Kent would attempt to breakthrough in the English speaking world with their next two albums, but Verkligen already proves that Kent can connect to listeners anywhere, regardless of native tongue. 
Here is "En Timme En Minut," subtitled in Spanish.

1996 BMG
1. Avtryck (Imprint) 3:11
2. Kräm (Så Nära Får Ingen Gå) (Cream (No One Is Allowed Any Closer)) 2:42
3. Gravitation (Gravity) 3:44
4. Istället För Ljud (Instead Of Sound) 4:22
5. 10 minuter (För Mig Själv) (10 minutes (to Myself)) 3:10
6. En Timme En Minut (One Hour One Minute) 8:08
7. Indianer (Indians) 3:47
8. Halka (Slippery) 3:03
9. Thinner (Thinner) 3:59
10. Vi Kan Väl Vänta Tills Imorgon (We Can Wait Until Tomorrow) 6:55

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