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Friday, August 22, 2014

Kent -- Tillbaka till samtiden

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How can a band at their peak be re-invigorated? Kent was at a highpoint in 2007, having, over the last half-decade, released their best-selling record, followed by their most critically acclaimed. Apparently, Kent is a restless band, and this makes for greater creativity, and consequently, greater productivity. After so much success, Kent returns with something that might be even better. Tillbaka till samtiden sees Kent fusing their trademark sound with electronic and dance music. Generally, this method is the last ditch tool of a desperate band. In Kent's hands, though, it's just another way to be awesome. Tillbaka till samtiden is brewing with incredible energy and fun, coupled with startling depth. However, for those who can't stand electronic music of any sort, perfection might not be enough here. For instance, if the sudden electrical charge of the chorus at 1:50 into opening track, "Elefanter," does nothing for you, this might not be your album. If the buildup after it does nothing for you, this really might not be your album. If, on top of that, the triumphant trumpet at 4:20 does absolutely nothing for you, just give up. For everyone else, though, this is a lively album, full of dynamic moments, delightful surprises, and great songs. Tillbaka till samtiden is yet another statement of excellence from the greatest Swedish rock band of all time.

2007 RCA/Sony BMG
1. Elefanter (Elephants) 5:21
2. Berlin 4:36
3. Ingenting (Nothing) 4:17
4. Vid din sida (By Your Side) 4:55
5. Columbus 4:26
6. Sömnen (The Sleep) 4:08
7. Vy från ett luftslott (View from a Castle in the Air) 4:23
8. Våga vara rädd" (Dare to be Afraid) 3:59
9. LSD, någon? (LSD, anyone?) 4:20
10. Generation Ex 4:30
11. Ensammast i Sverige" (Loneliest in Sweden) 8:20

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