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Friday, October 17, 2014

Re-purposed Destiny

Recently, I was spellbound by this video by Russian instrumental band, Sleep Dealer, for their song, "Nozomi."

However, I soon found out that the video was not in fact created for Sleep Dealer's "Nozomi," but The Audreys' lovely, if unremarkable, "Sometimes the Stars."

Someone took the video, cut out the audio, and replaced it with Sleep Dealer's song. However, the video's destiny and connection-seeking themes and mysterious, dreamy atmosphere fit "Nozomi" far better, in fact, miraculously so. To reiterate, as I watched the "Nozomi" version first, I was stunned at how well someone had translated the exact aural feeling of the song into a visual one. Watching the same video with "Sometimes the Stars" in the background is not nearly as serendipitous an experience. All of the backbreaking work by the animators, putting purpose to imagination, ended up better fitting a song they most likely never heard. How is that even possible? Why do I identify so much with this entire idea? Why do I feel like this describes my life? What is happening to me? Am I dead? Is my life flashing before my eyes! Am I dreaming someone else's life!? I need to get out of this study-library and pour myself a bowl of Frankenberry just in case it's my last! Is Frankenberry even real, or is it something I only dreamed, and that will cease to exist when I wake up, just like how I dreamed I had every Transformer ever made sometime in 1987, then woke up to find I actually only owned three. WAS DREAMING THAT DREAM ONLY A DREAM?!?!
 photo Generic_BG_MonstersFrankenBerry_3D_53e2bdd3ad6ac746729300_zps039b25a3.jpg
Isn't this new, DC-Comics designed box, gorgeous? Was that too many commas? Are commas even real?
 photo commas_zpscc765044.jpg


Neal said...

This post, at times, makes me worry for existential sanity. But then I saw your grammar humor at the end and knew that some part of you was grounded firmly. ;)

And I use that direct address comma picture while talking about common punctuation issues with my students... and we just started talking about those yesterday!

Nicholas said...

Thankfully, this was self-conscious existential insanity! Also, I really wanted to post a pic of the new Frankenberry box, though it doesn't do the actual art justice...but you say you just started talking about commas at the same time they popped into my head....NOO000OOO!!! THIS POST WAS RIGHT!!!