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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

M83 -- Saturdays = Youth

 photo 220px-Saturdays__Youth_M83_zps8bca48d4.jpg

M83 is essentially a solo project for Frenchman, Anthony Gonzalez. M83 is very keyboard-centric, but Gonzalez plays guitar, as well. Saturdays = Youth's sound is thick and full of echo. The intended vibe is definitely the 80's, and on Saturdays = Youth, Gonzalez conjures the musical emotions of that decade quite well. Perhaps too well, as Saturdays = Youth, with its sometimes ten-minute swells of keyboard noise, is more a presentation of texture and atmosphere than a collection of songs. What songs do exist in this 62-minute cavern of reverb are pretty good, though, particularly "Kim & Jessie," whose accompanying video is a perfect visual exploration of the 80's ambiance evoked by Saturdays = Youth.

2008 Virgin/EMI Records/Mute
1. You, Appearing 3:39
2. Kim & Jessie 5:23
3. Skin of the Night 6:12
4. Graveyard Girl 4:51
5. Couleurs 8:34
6. Up! 4:27
7. We Own the Sky 5:02
8. Highway of Endless Dreams 4:35
9. Too Late 5:00
10. Dark Moves of Love 3:18
11. Midnight Souls Still Remain 11:11

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