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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

MxPx -- On the Cover

 photo MxPx_-_On_the_Cover_cover_zps75ltsee4.jpg

MxPx's On the Cover is more noticeable for its content than its content, if that makes any sense. The covers here are all serviceable, and in the case of a-ha's "Take On Me," a blast. Musically, On the Cover, overall, is just okay (and I may still be angry that Blockbuster Music charged me $18 for an 8-song EP, but they were the only ones who had it, and what's the Internet, 1995?). However, the eclecticism of the musical acts MxPx decided to cover here--Bryan Adams (can't stand the dude's music, but MxPx makes it listenable), Charles Hardin Holly, the most original Christian music act of the last 30 years, a classic Christian punk band, one of the most awesome Swedish bands of all time, some band called The Blasters, Keith "The Nicsperiment's hair idol (though he would take exception with that word)" Green, and a band MxPx's lead singer is actually also the lead singer of--reveal a band with perhaps bigger aspirations than run-of-the-mill punk music.

1995 Tooth & Nail
1. Summer of '69 (by Bryan Adams) 2:21
2. Oh, Boy! (by Buddy Holly) 2:03
3. Drum Machine Joy (by Joy Electric) 3:35
4. You Found Me (by Altar Boys) 2:31
5. Take On Me (by a-ha) 3:36
6. Marie, Marie (by The Blasters) 1:50
7. You Put This Love in My Heart (by Keith Green) 1:47
8. No Brain (by The Cootees) 2:36

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