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Thursday, March 03, 2016

So Now What Do You Think About Nick Cave?

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So that was exhausting. I loved writing those fifteen Nick Cave reviews over the span of 29 days--it was invigorating to a certain part of my mind--but it was extremely wearying for the rest--so much so that I actually had to take a day off from work yesterday and go on an insane, Nicsperiment-patented walkabout. I'll hopefully put out a travelogue for that soon--but until then, here is the requisite Q&A that follows a straight month of reviewing any particular artist.

So, do you still like Nick Cave, or do you want to strangle him to death with one of his own socks?
I love Nick Cave's music. This month made me realize how close to "favorite artist" Nick Cave has become for me over the last couple of decades.

Why do you say this? 
Generally, when a certain artist puts out 15 albums (a huge rarity in itself), they peak around the fifth one, decline for the next five, and then put out five that they sell at their concerts, but only play one song from, much to the crowd's total indifference. Nick Cave's fifth album is pretty brilliant, but he only gets better after that--continuously, consistently better. I really like all but three of the fifteen, and there are about five that I've found are all-time favorites of mine. From one artist, that is an insane amount. Plus, when I saw him live a couple years ago, he played the majority of his newest album, and it went over great.

Did any of Cave's albums grow or lessen in your estimation this month?
Maybe I was influenced by certain critical opinions from back when Murder Ballads was released, but in the past, I thought this is great for what it is. Those opinions have changed over time to this is great because of what it is, if that makes any sense.

It doesn't. So what's up next for The Nicsperiment?
Well, considering how hard I pushed myself to write these fifteen reviews + two other posts over the course of 29 days, I am going to let March breathe a little bit more. With that said, I enjoyed writing these Cave reviews and how they came out more than anything else I've done in a while, so hopefully being more lenient with my output doesn't cause me to regress. I am planning on reviewing all of Nick Drake's comparatively much shorter discography (only three albums, plus a posthumous compilation of b-sides), as well as releasing a large piece of film criticism, and putting out a travelogue about the journey I undertook Tuesday.

Sounds like a nice pace. 
Just keep swimming.

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