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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

So Much for O

So O, you are now done. You were strange, short, and now you are... Over.
Poor O, you are going to be followed by "P." None of your albums scored "10's," but whoa Nellie are some "P" albums going to score tens. In fact, "P" might win this whole thing...
Starting in October on The Nicsperiment, "P."
That doesn't really work, though.
Let's try this whole thing over again.
Whoa Pellie, coming in Poctober, "P."
Also, October is the tenth month, not the eighth. Why isn't it called "Decaber." Or Decatober." Nothing makes sense!


Azure Ides-Grey said...

I have a feeling some P.O.D. album reviews are on the horizon :D

Nicholas said...

Your feelings do not deceive you!