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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

PFR -- Goldie's Last Day


Let's jump right into this:
90's Christian rock band, PFR, may have attracted few non-Christian listeners, but they garnered respect in the overall music community. The trio had serious musical chops, and the two vocalists' harmonies were often compared to those of the much so that they were tagged for a secular Beatles tribute album featuring acts far more well known...and they were considered the standout performers.
PFR's sophomore album, Goldie's Last Day, showcases these strengths in spades, and is an enjoyable listen, though it is missing a key aspect of a great album: tension. Outside of the closer, which morphs in its second half into a strangely cathartic cover of The 5th Dimension's "Let the Sun Shine In," tension is non-existent on Goldie's Last Day. It's just a bunch of sunny, early 90's pop-rock songs, played by an extremely competent bassist, guitarist, and drummer. As such, it doesn't make much of an emotional connection, but for most of its running time, it's pretty fun, even if it sounds a bit dated. Back in '93, we mainly listened to this for the title track, a delightfully goofy rock eulogy for a golden retriever. And for that "Let the Sunshine" cover. It's killer. But mostly Goldie.

Aw man, when I looked for the Goldie video, I came across this Out of the Grey one. Man, I had such a huge crush on the singer when I was 12 (I was so jealous of the guitar-player husband! And now that I am googling, I see that they are still together, and still playing music together. Man, that is inspirational!). And that jazzy, new-agey early 90's soft rock, man, that was my jam. So much atmosphere. Now, I'm gonna go find me some Enya.
GO GO 1993!!!

1993 Sparrow Records
1. Walk Away from Love 3:54
2. By Myself 3:39
3. That Kind of Love 3:33
4. Dying Man 3:27
5. Spinnin' Round 4:00
6. Goldie's Last Day 4:14
7. Satisfied 5:06
8. I Don't Understand 3:09
9. Mercy Man 4:53
10. Shine 3:34
11. Wait for the Sun 4:49


Anonymous said...

I had no idea how much PFR sounds like Jellyfish.


Nicholas said...

Nice! Never thought of that.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas said...

Woah! Must be something about 1993. Maybe a mid-life crisis Paul McCartney was like some kind of shadow-writer for these bands, and they were just his puppets.