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Thursday, December 22, 2016

PFR -- The Late Great PFR


Greatest Hits albums are a relic of the pre-digital past. Now you can just stream however many songs you want by any band for basically free. However, in the 90's, people would be way more likely to give a greatest hits album a chance...especially if it included additional content. 90's mainstream Christian rock band, PFR, who deserve to be mentioned among any of the other standout bands in that genre,* did two things to make their greatest hits album more attractive. First, they did something extremely forward-thinking for the time, and let fans vote online for what songs should make the cut. The band's other fans must agree with my assessment of PFR's output. Great Lengths is very well-represented, while only two of Them's songs reach the tracklist. The band's older two albums get some love, as well. The fans chose a great mix, highlighting PFR's tight musicianship and Beatles-esque harmonies. However, the second thing I alluded to above makes The Late Great PFR unique: it's got three brand new songs. These are all okay, with "Name" showing the band's more rocking side, "Forever" their easy ability to churn out a CCM radio ballad, and "Fare Thee Well" featuring their lighter, fun side, even if it is about the band breaking up. Of course, four-years shouldn't actually count as a break up, but PFR isn't the only band to be a bit hasty in that regard.
*Other bands I'd include there: Newsboys, Jars of Clay, and Audio Adrenaline. Jars of Clay is the only one that is still viable, though, with the other two shuffling along zombie-like without an original member, and PFR forever disbanded.

1997 Sparrow Records
1. Great Lengths 2:32
2. Pour Me Out 4:06
3. Name (New Recording) 3:30
4. Walk Away from Love 3:54
5. Forever (New Recording) 4:20
6. Anything 3:49
7. Spinnin' Round 4:00
8. Goldie's Last Day 4:14
9. Pray for Rain 3:30
10. Wonder Why 3:15
11. The Love I Know 3:48
12. Do You Want to Know Love 3:30
13. Merry-Go-Round 4:59
14. That Kind of Love 3:33
15. Wait for the Sun 4:49
16. Fare Thee Well (New Recording) 4:30

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