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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Now What Do You Think About Portishead? Well, I'll Tell You! Reflections On Reviewing One of My Favorite Bands from High School Now that I Am Old Enough to be President.

By Rick Weston from UK -, CC BY 2.0, Link

Wow, Portishead are good! Since I've started these reviews, I haven't quite listened to my favorite bands as much, as I have to instead dedicate listening time to what I am reviewing. As it's been awhile, I was a little worried my love for them might have only been due to a late 90's teenage chemical connection. Turns out that the way more boring mid-30's chemicals in my brain love them, too. So without further preamble, here is my customary split-personality interview of myself, after I either review a million albums by one band, or just four by a band I am obsessed with.

Hey, that was fun!
Yeah, it was.

Um, how you doin?

Good, I feel great!

Strange, though, when you were like 17, Portishead kind of made your dopamine-addled brain feel depressed. Now that your brain composition is an arid wasteland, it's sort of the opposite now, isn't it?

You shutup, you! It's not an arid just doesn't...imagine as many things as before.

Wow. That in itself is actually quite depressing. Hey, didn't you say you were going to review an EP by Portishead, as well?

It's actually a double-CD double-single, with a bunch of weird remixes. I realized it just didn't fit in with the rest of the reviews (that disc is called Glory Times). Plus, when do I ever get to give every album by a particular artist a "ten?"

You always give out tens!

Well, it is my music collection, and I own each album because, in most cases, I love it! Of course I am going to give out a disproportionate number of high scores. Who buys a bunch of stuff they don't like?

Americans. Americans do.

What's with this cynical view of humanity, man? Perk up. People aren't all that bad.

People are the worst.

You're the worst!

I'm you.

Oh, yeah. You want to go get some waffles?

Sweet. I love waffles.

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