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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Adrian is awesome

So my cousin Amo is a machine for goodness. He gave me X-Files Season 2 on DVD for my birthday/graduation/Christmas. Dang. That is crazy. Some day, I am going to have to get him back for this in the best way possible. Maybe when he graduates and becomes a back surgeon, because that will probably be the last time I can afford a present that will be more than his pocket change. Also, my buddy Peterson and I are going to go see the film Sideways tomorrow, and then later the three people that read this blog can read my review of it. Did I mention my TWSID has begun? Hooray!!! Oh, by the way, has anyone noticed a stream of sadomasochistic lyrics in the theme songs of the last few James Bond movies? Yowsa! Talk about overkill. It kind of makes me feel like meeting a nice girl and training her how to kill as we make love on a bed of oil and fire., no.

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