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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What not to say on a first date:

Flashback, four years ago almost to the day.
The setting: some miscellaneous theme restaurant. The following dialogue exchange is as true as I remember it.

Nicholas: (On a roll) That's why I stopped eating cake.

Girl: (Dying of laughter, can't even eat)

Nicholas: (Tries to keep it going)...blah, blah, blah, blah. Just like mustaches. There's nothing creepier than a mustache, I mean, a mustache just screams stalker, serial killer. You know, like, I see mustache, I think child-abuser or rapist. I hate those freakin things.

Girl: My father has a mustache.

Nicholas: think...uh...

Girl: I love my dad.

Nicholas: Um...yeah, well I mean, I was just kidding.

Girl: Oh yeah?

Nicholas: Yeah. I'm

Girl: It's okay.

Nicholas: Really?

Girl: No.

Ahh, humiliation.
Anyway, my entertainment site, along with the companion film and music review sites are up, and hopefully, by tomorrow, they will contain reviews.
See ya.
I really was kidding with her. She knew that. Right?
Never seen her again.

1 comment:

fudgebumpkin said...


I think moustaches are scary too. I have an aversion to a lone moustache.

A moustache, if necessary, should always be balanced with hair on the chin in some form or other.