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Friday, October 21, 2005

Oh yeah, well now what?

Well, I took the GRE. I was supposed to post on here, but I
A. Went extremely spur of the moment
B. Forgot to post
C. Thought that I had posted, but really hadn't posted this information, already.
D. Just A and C
E. All of the above
G. None of the above
My brain has been in a blender, lately. Maybe this wasn't the best time to take the test, but eh. I really wish I would have followed Slacker's advice. I also should have remembered to post that I was going to take that crazy test, today because I definately could have used like 80 people praying for me...not like 80 people read this.
Oh yeah, so my scores . So how did I do?
Well, I didn't do terrible or anything. I'm surprised I got any of the math problems correct, considering I couldn't remember what an integer was, or which axis was x and which y. I got a 530 on that, which I don't think matters much anyway since most Creative Writing programs don't care, and I only took two courses in math in college, both EARLY on.
As for the verbal, I really thought I would have done better. I got a 580. Most creative writing programs ask for a 550-600, so I guess this is good enough. At least, I hope it is. I really don't feel like taking the thing again.
I felt pretty confident on the analytical reasoning section-I won't get my scores on that for about two weeks, though. I really hope I did well on that section. I don't want to take test thing again...
Anyway, I am going to try to get in touch with some of my ex-professors, next week.
Oh, so here's a story:
After the test, I went to LSU, my old college stomping grounds. I haven't spent much time there since last year, when I ended my 4.5 year tenure with a nice sheet of paper some guy signed that says I'm smart(I can't always be self-deprecating). I spent 9/10 of the first half of this decade on that campus, and I guess I was pretty involved there. I DJ'ed at the college station for almost three years, and I had a student job in payroll for almost four. I did other stuff, too, I guess. I really miss the place, though. It felt weird going there, tonight. A good friend of mine, Dave, who DJ'ed with me back at KLSU, had entered his band into LSU's annual battle of the bands. To his surprise, they got in. His band is very fun to watch live. I hate when people say things like this, but the best way I can describe them is like a mix between They Might Be Giants and Weird Al. I usually laugh my head off at their shows. Well, they played ninth out of ten. You could tell the second they began that the crowd had joined their side. Most of the other bands I saw there (I missed half of them) were taking themselves kind of seriously. Well, maybe not that, but they weren't really getting the crowd to have much fun. Well, Dave's band had the crowd going nuts. They couldn't get enough. In the last three minutes, Dave broke just about every string on his guitar and fell off the stage. Then, he couldn't back up. I think they carried him back up there. It was awesome.
Anyway, my buddies won. I was estatic. They were a little disappointed as their slogan has always been "Making you feel better about your band" and they just really made nine other bands feel not so good. In fact, they said that from the stage after they won. Seriously, they were surprised, but I think they really deserved to win, because they are the kind of band that makes people happy, and when it comes down to a live show, that is what people want to see. Or at least that's what I want to see...
They won over $1,000 of recording studio time, and a cool bowl. And notoriety.
Anyway, sorry I just rattled on so much.
I still have to have those confrontations I talked about in the last post. If I can just get past this month, I think I might be looking at some brighter skies. Oh well, look at this weird picture of me I took last night when I flipped out after realizing that I was going to take the GRE today, after only doing about two-hours of prep work:

Yeah, I need to shave. It's gross. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what hole I'm looking through. Okay, I am going to post sweet after-the-fact responses to the comments on the post before this. Then, I am going to pass out in my sweet sweet bed that is kind of gross, because my cat has been coming in there in the mornings after hunting in the woods at night. He is truly a ferocious beast:

Kneel in terror, mere mortals, at the sight of the terrible Fats!!!
Sadly, also my best friend.


Anonymous said...


My cat is a ferocious hunter...of extension cords and couch cushions (oh! and crickets).

My email address is on my blog near the bottom of the sidebar. I also posted this in response on my blog but figured you might get it sooner here.

Yay! GRE! (with a bit of sarcasm...) See? Not that bad, eh? I like the computerized because you get at least two of the scores right then and you don't sweat it so much.

I'm glad you just went and did it, though, instead of overthinking it.

Jordan said...

Fats looks like the angel of death and I bet you're looking through a paper towel rool. I do that sometimes. I'm really glad to hear dave's band won and got all that money, that rules. I know what band you are talking about (the sing/scream one) and I don't like 'em either, though I'm also friends with the drummer and the guitar player, they are cool guys no matter what and they are good musicians, they just play music I don't like. GRE results are ok, huh? I'm glad. You'll be going to LSU grad school right? or somewhere else? I hear you about next month being some brighter skies, even though it'll be drowsy November. I'm feeling pretty drowsy lately. I don't know. Just tired of things. Got keep our heads up though. We know it'll all be alright in the end.

-E said...

Congrats on surviving the GRE. I'll get more info about my friend's writing and the Red Cross book for ya, but she's been out of town so I can't ask yet.

Get some sleep. If it makes you feel better, my bed is kinda gross because my dog sleeps in there and he's been shedding like a crazy fool. But it is oh so comfy.

kurstal said...

i too took the GRE...and, Fats looks scary...