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Friday, December 02, 2005

Why Fats was important

I got mauled by a cat when I was a small child. When we found Fats in our yard, I was thirteen, and I hated him and all cats. But when I tried to torture him, he just rubbed all over me. When the dog tried to chase him, Fats just rubbed all over the dog. Fats loved everybody. After Fats won me over to the cat side, we became fast friends. Fats and I developed a level of communication beyond normal people-to-animal communication. In fact, in some ways, I think Fats and I developed better communication then most people have with each other. Sure, Fats' vocabulary was limited. But the things he could say:
"Wanna vege out?" "You look tired. You really should go to bed." "I don't understand why you are laughing so much. This show really isn't that funny." " Hey, dude, feed me." "Dude, I'm about to pee on myself. Let me out." "You know, Nicholas, it's kind of hard for me to sprawl out here with your crap everywhere." "No, I don't want those eggs. Give me some bacon."
He could actually say all those things and many more with his eyes and body movement, and he seemed to understand and sense my moods. He sat in the chair next to me at almost every meal. Even if he hated what I was eating, he would still sit straight up. If he liked it, I would pass him some, and he would grab it with his paw, and pull it too his mouth. He always sat in his chair, and kept his elbows off the table. Fats went on walks with me, in the woods. How many people walk their cat? I don't mean on a leash. I mean that we would run into each other in the land around my house, and we would walk together. Sometimes, he would get tired, and make me carry him. He would do this by diving at my feet, and refusing to move. Then, when I'd pick him up, he'd hug me.
Ask anyone who knew him. Fats gave hugs. He would wiggle his fat little arms until you brought him close to your neck, and then he would wrap his arms around you, and start purring. Fats liked to use me as a human pillow and vice versa. His favorite days were the ones I didn't do anything. Fats went out all night, and slept all day. Fats was the greatest creature I have ever known. He transcended the words "cat", "pet", or "animal." He became his own species: Fats.
On the simplest level, Fats kept me company. I am going to miss him.
Between losing him, and my old dog this summer (who died at fourteen), my home life just got a lot lonlier.
To Wink and to Fats:

Anyone else ready for this year to be over with?


Jon said...

Man I'm really sorry to hear about all this. Fats was da nigga. Seriously, he was..... fat! and fluffy (which didn't really help him too much with hiding the fact that he was fat). Anyways, yeah, sorry man. That really sucks.


Anonymous said...

I'm just so sorry this happened. Fats was such an awesome animal, he understood, you know. I'll miss having frozen eye contact with him when I spotted him outside my house. He was Sweetness's son, I am sure of it.

This year has got to end, and the one good thing about that is next year has to be good, because how could it possibly be any worse than this one?

Maybe top secret mission of Xmas break will help lift your spirits some.


-E said...

I'm ready for the end of the year too. But as much as there have been sucky things happening this year, it totally beats the two before (at least for me). At least there isn't much longer.

Jordan said...

I think I'm about ready for just the whole world to come crashing in. I think I'd come out of it alive. Actually, the whole word has almost crashed, and I'm OK. Nevertheless it seems like this has been a pretty trying year for many, and I know I'll be glad to celebrate christmas and get on with new hope for the future. In some way I know we can benefit from our losses and grow. Its just that growing hurts so damn much.

Once again, I'm really sorry about Fats. I know he was like your best friend. You knew him so well, every little thing, every little moment, you were there and he was there. I know nothing could replace him. But Sorrow will heal in time my friend, and joy rise again.

I was encouraged by this scripture today: Ps. 52:12
"Restore the joy of Your salvation to me,
and sustain me with a noble spirit"

We'll have to get together and record real soon and hang out. E-mail or call me if you need anything, man.

God bless you and guard and treat yourself with care,