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Friday, June 19, 2009

Solidarity Fail

From TV Guide's website:

ABC has rejected a request by a Republican group to rebut President Obama's health care plans on an upcoming day of White House-themed news specials. In response, the network has stated that its coverage will nevertheless be balanced.

Um...he's the President. The majority of the country voted for him. If he wants to talk on TV, the network he speaks on isn't obligated to show his political enemies rebuttal to every word he says...because he is the President. Because Obama won the majority of voting Americans' votes, it can be assumed the majority of America doesn't really want to see the people they didn't vote for's rebuttal anyway...and if they do, they can get it elsewhere. How dumb does it make America look when the President is publicly on trial 24/7, an army of opposition following him around like lawyers everywhere he goes to contradict his every word.

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