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Friday, November 04, 2011

Between the Buried and Me -- The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues


The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues is not only Between the Buried and Me's first EP, but also their most relentless recording to date. Unfortunately, this may not be a good combination.
Parallax's three songs are just as jam-packed with variation and innovation as anything Between the Buried and Me have done, and stil come out to thirty minutes of total music. On their own, they are all pretty good songs. The problem is that a three song EP doesn't really serve Between the Buried and Me's sound. While there are a few brief respites in each song, and a particularly entrancing intro on the EP closer, "Lunar Wilderness," a key component from the last three albums is missing: a breather. The Great Misdirect has those two wonderful, well-sung songs sequenced with the four brain-crushing ones. Colors has longer, relaxing passages spaced throughout. Alaska has those incredible, epically beautiful instrumentals. There is never a half hour stretch without a break on those albums, but that is exactly what this EP is.
That flaw causes others. Hypersleep Dialogues is supposed to be part of a larger whole, the first in a two part album, but the lack of a break or some sort of transition makes it feel even more incomplete. This is particularly disappointing because, as I've said, these three songs are quite good on their own. "Lunar Wilderness" may be one of the best, most emotional songs Between the Buried and Me have ever recorded.

Listen to Between the Buried and Me's "Lunar Wilderness"

The band's incredible instrumental talent still shines through, and the lyrics, which may be about a restless scientist accidentally destroying the world, or may be about absolutely nothing, are intriguing as always. While the follow up may render Hypersleep Dialogues in an entirely different light, for now it is a half-baked, but decent listen.

2011 Metal Blade
1. Specular Reflection 11:21
2. Augment of Rebirth 10:19
3. Lunar Wilderness 8:22

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