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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hollywood Sucks

NBC deceived me into watching this year's Golden Globe Awards.  I was promised Ricky Gervais devastating all of the celebrities that I dislike.  I missed his opening monologue (thanks, Eli Manning!), which was apparently most of his screentime because for the next 2.5 hours he was barely onscreen.  So instead I was stuck with more Hollywood gluttony. Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet having to act shocked and surprised that they were receiving yet another mansion doorstop.  What was worse, all of the celebrities were taking shots at Ricky that he really wasn't getting a chance to respond to.  You could tell by the way he was widely sidestepped by all of the actors that they didn't want anything to do with him.  They definitely had a "we're better than you, pathetic little man" thing going on.  How unfair! Lower-middle class Southernors want to see all the people they are jealous of taken down a rung, not their champion vanquished.  I mean, LSU, the Saints, they all got whipped this week.  Now the pompous fame-whores were getting the last laugh as well?
Finally, as the show ended, Ricky came out to say goodbye:
"Thank you. That's it. Congratulations to all the nominees and all the winners. Thank you so much for coming. And I hope you enjoyed the goodie bags and the Champagne and the gold. I hope that took your mind off the recession, for a little while. Thanks, goodnight."
The sad thing is, that comment only convicts those of us with a conscience. So as all the debutantes rose from their seats to hit another party, you can bet they didn't bat a pretty little eyelash.
NOTE: Apparently some people didn't get the joke...The humor is that while those of us suffering from the economic recession are watching this program in our homes and struggling to pay our cable bill to do so, the Golden Globe attendees arrive in limos, are wined and dined, given jewelry and other gifts, and have their egos lifted into the sky. Gervais was sarcastically taking them down a peg, showcasing the hypocrisy of an event where wealthy people who lie for a living are spoiled and spoken of in the highest manner, as if they are the most valuable, incredible humans alive.

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