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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brain Matter Mixing With Stars, or Guy Walks Into a Bar

Who knew France made this kind of music. Also, Photobucket Geez, why do you not watch this show? What's wrong with you? What more does it have to do? This is definitely the best season of Justified yet, and that's saying a whole lot. There were at least three scenes this episode that were so emotionally intense, I almost could not watch because I did not feel worthy. How do they get such good actors, how do they create such good characters for them to play, and how do they make you believe that the two people in that picture want to kill each other so badly the screen is going to explode? A quick note on this episode, "Guy Walks Into a Bar": I love that after Quarles's revelation about his father, he still doesn't understand Raylan's antipathy toward his own. Now that is a well-written psychopath.
Anyway, I shall again make the point that if you are not currently pleased with your life, you should just take the Partridge Family's advice. I mean, it worked for them, right?

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