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Thursday, October 04, 2012

DrugMoney -- MTN CTY JNK


Review in fragments. DrugMoney's MTN CTY JNK not good or bad. Power pop with simple power chord changes, keyboard leads, super simple drums, and strangely, a grunge vocalist. Heard "Small Thinking" on college radio station. Really enjoyed it. Saw MTN CTY JNK used at local music store for really cheap. Picked it up. Not impressed. Barely kept my interest. Started dating new girl. Made out all the time. Forgot about MTN CTY JNK. Just put it on again. Still forgettable. "Small Thinking" still a decent song, though. MTN CTY JNK only album DrugMoney released. Maybe album cover art not greatest idea. Maybe band name not greatest idea, either.

Listen to "Small Thinking" below

2004 Hybrid Recordings
1. I Know 2:13
2. Small Thinking 3:43
3. Rough & Tumble 1:43
4. Oregon Song 2:57
5. Wish Away 1:23
6. Becoming 3:03
7. Anyway 3:08
8. Always/Never 2:57
9. Stars 2:41
10. Walk 2:22
11. D.M.D. 3:02
12. Trenton Makes 2:08
13. Runaround 2:52
14. Beautiful 3:26

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