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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

So Much for D, and Also, "Why are you giving out so many high scores, reviewer dude?"

Well, that was fun. I just got to spend months reviewing albums by some of my favorite artists. In the process, I gave no less than nine tens. I made that sentence confusing on purpose. Nine tens is a lot, but here's a disclaimer: These are all my albums. Of course the scores are going to tilt high! I wouldn't have purchased them if I thought I wouldn't like them! The glory of the Internet let's us listen before we buy. I buy things blind sometimes--few things are more rewarding than picking up a mystery album and finding it is a gem--but for the most part, I am reviewing albums that I purchased knowing full well I would like them. That's why my average score is closer to a seven than a five. I'm a tough critic, I'm just reviewing from my favorite pool. There are some fish I'd like to kick out, but for the most part, I really like what I am swimming with. I don't like this analagy. I spelled 'analogy' wrong.


The E's should be short, but interesting. Some less known, but really awesome bands, a few more popular ones, perhaps a video game strangely tossed in, and a very in-depth look at the work of Echo and the Bunnymen, a band not hugely known, but quite important to me. Now here's Kate Middleton, stressing out about corn dogs again.


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